TenderHearts Family Support Initiative (TFSI)


About Tenderhearts

Tenderhearts Family Support Initiative (TFSI), a faith-based Non-Governmental Organisation based in Nigeria has been working to address and reduce in the society HIV/AIDS, sexual abuse such as rape; violence against women;  and stigmatization so that individuals and families are no longer destroyed, thereby providing a better life for women and children who are the most vulnerable groups in the society. This organisation has been reaching out through enlightenment campaigns, seminars, workshops, media, counselling, the provision of assistance and comfort to those who have fallen victim, and informative books/novels, to create public awareness on how to curb the societal issues. These novels and books are usually distributed free or at subsidized rates during the campaigns and programmes in market places, primary/secondary schools, higher institutions, churches and various communities.

Tenderhearts Family Support Initiative had the fifth annual party for the special pupils of The Local Government Primary school, Ebute, Ikorodu, in Dec. 2011. It was great!

Our Vision

To ensure the elimination of HIV/AIDS and sexual abuse especially Rape.

Our Mission

  • To educate the public especially women and youths about HIV/AIDS and Rape, and their prevention through informative books, seminars and campaigns, 
  •  Help and support victims 
  •  Empower families especially women and youths

About Us

Taiwo Iredele Odubiyi, a pastor and the founder of Pastor Taiwo Odubiyi Ministries is the Executive Director of Tenderhearts Family Support Initiative (TFSI)

A new storybook for children!

THE BOY WHO STOLE: "This is the story of a boy, Aaron, and how he discovered that stealing is very bad. Stealing brings shame and embarrassment, and has consequences."

Rescued by Victor

Children will learn about tolerance, love, and how to prevent rape in this very interesting storybook

Rape & how to handle it

has been written to reach out to the bruised and the broken-hearted, and show how to recover from the traumatic experience. It has also been written to understand what goes on in the mind of a typical male, the various reasons for rape, and to enlighten people about rape and its prevention, thus making our society a better place to live in.

We wish you and your loved ones a great New Year filled with peace, joy and prosperity. May the good Lord bestow on you His many blessings and fill your mouths with laughter .....from Tenderhearts Family Support Initiative (TFSI) and Pastor Taiwo Odubiyi Ministries.